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Below, you'll find some of the classes that we frequently offer. You can visit our all services page to see which classes are currently enrolling new students! (Given that we limit class sizes to preserve opportunities for individualized attention, many of our classes reach full capacity quickly.) This semester, we're offering...

Classes open to all families

Classes for Stuytown/PCV residents


We will be continuing our residential programming at Stuytown/PCV for the '23-'24 school year. Opportunities for residents include both classes and exclusive discounts on private tutoring sessions. If you'd like to bring a residential program to your community, please connect with us

Availability is not guaranteed! please check availability to sign up or see which classes have open seats.

Phonics and Writing

Mondays 5:45pm
Max. 5 Students

For grades 1-3. As more schools are dropping structured literacy and grammar, we'd like to offer students all around ELA support to help them continue to perform at grade level! We're focusing on the early elementary years because third grade is a pivotal turning point in elementary school. If students are not reading independently by the time they leave third grade, their performance across all subjects will drop.

Kindergarten Club

Mondays 4:30pm
Saturdays 10am
Max. 5 Students

Students will explore foundational pre-phonics skills and conceptualize basic math operations to give them a head-start in reading and math through engaging activities. We will introduce early academic exercises to help students develop skills to succeed in the classroom!

French Club

Wednesdays 5:45pm
Max. 5 Students

For elementary age students who are ready to practice/explore a foreign language! Students will play games and engage in activities to explore vocabulary, grammar, and speaking/listening skills. We'll complete brief writing/reading exercises each meeting to ensure a well-rounded exposure to the French Language.


our classes

We offer both virtual and in-person options for a variety of subjects K-12. To be notified regarding upcoming classes, please join our mailing list.

Pre-Algebra Practice
Max. 5 students

For seventh grade or advanced sixth grade students. This course reinforces the fundamentals of pre-algebra which not only carry forward into algebra, but will underpin many of the concepts that students will study in their high school calculus classes! 

We'll focus on clarifying and deepening students understanding of these fundamental elements, as well drawing connections between units of study so students can grasp the wider applications of pre-algebra.

Availability is not guaranteed! to sign up or see which classes have open seats, visit...

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