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Hi There...

We're excited to welcome you! Below, you'll learn more about how our organization came to be and the values that guide us. We have a dedicated team of instructors including educators from University of Cambridge (UK), Brown University, Yale UniversityCornell University, and the Fulbright Scholars Program among others. We would love to share more information about our tutors upon request.

Our Story

My own teaching philosophy is strongly informed by my personal experiences as a student. At the conclusion of Kindergarten, my teacher advised my parents that I was not going to be able to keep up with my classmates and needed to be held back for a year; they felt I was lacking focus and at risk of failing to develop in step with my peers. Despite my teacher’s concerns, my parents decided to send me along to first grade and trust that any ‘growing pains’ would resolve themselves. Twelve years later, I graduated in the top 1% of my class after being selected for the Honors/AP track at my school, received four academic merit based full-tuition scholarships to top ranked universities, scored in the 99th percentile on various standardized exams, was one of only thirteen young women invited to join the Illinois’ Allstate Academic Team, had preemptively completed some of my college course work through a scholarship at University of Cambridge (UK), and received membership invitations to a multitude of honors societies. My academic aptitude accelerated in college, and I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude among numerous other academic accomplishments. 

I believe that my own experience illustrates that placing a limit on a child's capabilities can have lifelong ramifications. There is no child incapable of achieving their full potential, as long as they are surrounded by adults who are dedicated to encourage and challenge them to embrace new opportunities for growth.

-Jessica,Founding Member

How we work:

Our team is passionate about finding ways to help students circumvent the obstacles in their path. No two students are the same, so we believe the process and lesson plans a tutor develops for a student have to be specific to that child’s interest, strengths, and needs. After meeting with the student, assessing their current understanding of the subject matter, and pinpointing specific areas for improvement, our tutors can develop a plan customized for them.

While every tutoring plan will look different, two things are consistently paramount to us when conducting sessions: fostering a fun learning environment, and bolstering students’ confidence. The specific ways in which we do this will vary depending on the students interest, age, how they relate to a tutor, etc. The outcome, however, remains the same: students are motivated and empowered to take a proactive approach to their own development (even after a tutor is no longer needed). 


Our tutor has been a gift to our son in his learning process. We so appreciate all she's done to help him learn and love to read!


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