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Have you decided to try homeschooling? You may choose to hire a tutor to teach select subjects to your student and manage their course submissions to your accredited program. We can also recommend accredited homeschooling curriculums for those still exploring this option. 

Small groups

Available for all subjects K-12. These shared privates can take the form of a supplementary course providing an opportunity for students to explore a subject of their choice! Alternatively, these sessions can provide additional support to students completing course work with an accredited curriculum by giving students access to instruction with a qualified teacher, homework help, and academic coaching.

Private sessions

Available for all subjects K-12. Regular private sessions can be scheduled to provide additional instruction for challenging subjects or content. For those students grades K-8, tutors will help students organize submissions to their grading teachers or accredited curriculums. For those students grades 9-12, academic coaching will be incorporated to guide them in managing their own work loads. 

Co-op or Program Support

Our instructors are available to host classes for partnering Co-op or Academic programs. Some of the subjects we can coordinate classes for include ACT prep, SAT prep, AP Literature, AP US History, chemistry, calculus, French, and many more! If you organize a homeschool program and may be interested in adding one of our classes to your offerings, please don't hesitate to connect with us. We would be happy to answer any inquiries you may have! 

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